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Ball Handling & NBA Basketball Skills in Chicago, Illinois

Help your child play a better game of basketball and learn NBA basketball skills in Aurora, Illinois, at Kimrossi Taylor's Basketball Camp. Your child receives ball handling coaching and other basic skills from seasoned coach Kimrossi Taylor.

 • Boys & Girls Ages 5-18  • Basketball Camps  • $150

Our top-notch training programs are affordable and offer more basketball skill building techniques in a fun and safe environment. Using state-of-the-art training equipment, you will see your child's skills improve as they progress from one camp to the next.

 • Skill Development
 • Ball Handling
 • Shooting 
 • Defense

 • Rebounding Skills        


Unfortunately, we're not offering summer basketball programs at this time . However, if you're interested in individual or small group training, please contact Kimrossi Taylor at (866) 854-0462.

Ask about our Summer Enrichment program collaboration with SOAR (extended camp).      

Students who register (3rd-7th) can experience a great camping experience with    *Camp Grow  (Markesan, Wisconsin) July 7th-13th.  www.campgrow.org   Come Grow & SOAR  

Contact us for more information.

*Scholarships are available for participants of KTBC Summer Camp.  


*College and Pro Training/Open Runs* June10 -  21  9:00 - 1:00



College and Professional Players in town needing a good workout...Come Train at the Windy City Gym with Coach Kimrossi Taylor and Staff located downtown Aurora.  On-Court training for hour sessions followed by full-court runs to top off the good workout. 

Players Trained Here: Diamond Taylor SIU, Patrick Beverley Houston Rockets, Will Walker Depaul, Myke Henry Illinois, Orlando Tucker Wisconsin, Players in the IBA-PBL, and many more!!!


Individual Instruction

 • Hourly Training  $100 per Hour Register Now Save $25   Limited Offer!!! Only WCB Location

  Contact us today to receive more information on our basketball camps and coaches.

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